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What is an Insurance Policy? 
An insurance policy is a contract between the parties and should be interpreted by using ordinary contract principals. The extent of the coverage under an insurance contract is dependent on the common intent of the insured and the insurer. 

A contractual relationship by which a person protects himself from the economic consequences of certain risks

An agreement by which one party (insurer) in exchange for consideration called a premium, assumes certain risks of the other party and distributes that risk across similarly situated persons who pay premiums

What types of Insurance are there? 

There are three (3) types of insurance primarily. 

1) Person: life, health and accident, disability 
2) Property: protects from loss or damage to property 
3) Liability: protects the insured against liability to someone else in the case of a fortuitous event for which the insured is legally responsible 

What should YOU do when dealing with Insurance Companies? 

1. Seek legal advice 

2. Maintain accurate records 


You have a Life Insurance policy and coverage with company. You file a claim with the company and the claim is denied when a loved one passes. 

You have Liability coverage and maintain insurance on a vehicle. You are involved in an accident and your insurance company denies coverage.  

You are involved in an automobile accident and you may be entitled to receive recovery from the other person’s insurer to pay your expenses and damages.​

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