What are Successions?
A succession is the idea of passing on all property and obligations to people who come after you. A succession is the transmission of the estate of the deceased to his successors. 

There are two (2) types of successions: 

Testate: Testate succession results from a will and the Legatees are the successors.   

Intestate: Intestate succession results from provisions of law and is the default rule where Heirs are the successors.  

When do the rules of Intestate Succession apply? 

When the descendent has died without a will.

When the descendent has died without a valid will.

When the descendent had died with a valid will that disposes of only part of his or her property.

When the descendent has died with a will disposing of all of his or her property, but the will is only party valid.

What are the form requirements? 

A Will should be in:


Signed at the end by the testator, 

By two witnesses, and 

A notary. 

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