Personal Injury

What is Toxic Tort? 
A tort in which there is a personal injury or property damage due to exposure to toxic substances. 

Examples of toxic tort claims: 
Lead paint claims:  These claims generally involve brain damage sustained by infants as a result of ingestion of the lead in pain chips and flaking.
Asbestos litigation:  These claims most often involve mesothelioma, lung cancer, restrictive lung disease and asbestosis sustained by workers (or members of their families exposed to the dust on clothing) in trades or in the military in which they were exposed to products containing asbestos.
Dry cleaning solvents:  These claims involve brain damage and major organ damage caused by these chemicals used in the dry cleaning industry.
Pesticides such as dioxin and DDT:  These claims involve birth injuries and birth defects.
Electro-magnetic fields generated by utility wires or major appliances:  Claims based upon cancer from exposure to electro-magnetic fields have been asserted.
Toxic landfill waste:  Claims for leukemia and other chemically caused conditions have resulted from irresponsible disposal of toxic wastes, sometimes poisoning entire towns.
Fire-retardent building materials, furniture and fire extinguishers:  These claims involve exposure to toxic chemicals used as fire retarding agents.​

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